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Culture Change in Education

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A passion for cultural change in education

Practically Learning is a Melbourne based consultancy, passionately dedicated to inspiring positive learning communities, building relationships between schools and
families and providing opportunities for children to succeed in education and in life. We believe every child should have the opportunity to shine and become who they are destined to be.

The environments where children learn should provide those opportunities, both at home and at school, and the two should not be exclusive. Learning is happening everywhere and the learning is interconnected. In understanding these connections, there are more opportunities for developing a partnership approach to learning for the benefit of every child.

As adults, it is our responsibility to nurture and guide, provide positive role modelling and learning environments to enable children to thrive and develop a life long love
for learning.

Since 2001, in partnership with our creative agency, intoimages, we have been developing strategic and creative solutions for many varied companies and organisations in education, health, technology, design and corporate business around Australia. 

Our passion for children and their education has seen us evolve naturally to focus our creativity, design thinking and innovation to assist schools in:

• understanding and finding clarity of vision

• providing a CLEAR direction for change, which involves the

 understanding and development of relationships within the whole school community

• improving communication and building connections between schools and families as their most influential educators.

We then provide ongoing consulting support to integrate cultural change as a whole school community approach. 

Working alongside school Principals and teachers, as well as with parents and children in learning communities, we endeavour to have an understanding of your school and the families you serve before developing solutions, to enable our intuitive thinking, deep inquiry and analysis to discover relevant strategies to suit your school.

A human centred approach to school improvement

Design thinking is about identifying challenges and working together to develop creative and relevant solutions. Our work consists of qualitative and relevant research, understanding the people within the school community, as well as assisting with cultural development, branding and family partnerships consulting. 

We work with the staff and families of your school, along with professional and experienced consultants and production providers who assist in bringing our ideas to life.

To assist you in continuing to improve your school by developing the culture in your learning community, we use our unique 5i process. 

We have developed programs based on research of the important key areas to focus on when developing culture in schools:

• Relationships and Wellbeing

• Learning in Partnership

• Community and Leadership

• Communication

Communication is most important throughout each project and by using our step by step process we are able to complete tasks more efficiently and effectively. 

Our process is divided into 5 stages to allow you to choose the combination that will assist in increasing the value of your brand and improving the culture of your school community. 

For more information on our schools packages and how we can assist you to improve the culture in your learning community, contact Practically Learning at 8300 6454 or 0419 371 876.


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Staying Connected - Recently Published Book by Rachel Saliba

Staying Connected is written for parents and teachers to broaden their understanding of the importance of the parent role in education.

The book explores some of the challenges in education that parents face and includes some of Rachel's experiences – as a mother of three - along that journey. It offers practical solutions to help parents develop nurturing relationships with their children and themselves.

Staying Connected also provides useful examples to facilitate strong connections between teachers and their children, for this has been proven to have a significant impact on children’s academic achievements.

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