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5 step process for school improvement

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Understanding your learning community

In order for us to be able to define your school culture and for you to gain a deeper understanding of the community you serve, we have developed our unique 5i development process

The various stages are available as options to choose from, depending on your needs.

Benefits of research

The research report provides you with a clarity of vision and a deeper understanding of how to build relationships with the families within your community as well as providing data and strategic direction to assist in school improvement and change, linking learning at home with learning at school and other strategies that are specific to your school goals. The data is analysed and presented in an easy to read format for you and your staff.

This report enables your school to utilise the information, particularly for strategic planning and school improvement. 

Following our recommendations, there may be development of ideas and implementation through design and publishing, or through utilising resources within your school or the wider community to enable achievement of recommendations.

Our 12 month support program includes consulting and mentoring/coaching and provides you with the support needed to integrate the recommendations into the overall school culture so that they become an integral and essential element of the school brand and core values.

We have developed a unique School Improvement Matrix that includes 4 key focus areas for change in school culture. We have also developed various packages based on the 4 key focus areas so that you may choose a specific area or develop all 4 areas to improve your overall school culture.

The 4 key focus areas for school improvement are:

• Relationships and Culture

• Partnerships in Learning

• Community and Leadership

• Communication

To learn more about our School Improvement Matrix and to discuss our packages, contact Rachel on 0419 371 876.

We begin with the investigation stage, where we meet with you for an initial consultation to understand your needs and objectives before providing costing and scheduling so that all parties have a clear guide as to what is required prior to beginning a project that is specific to your school.

Our 5i development process

investigate - research 

The first crucial step is to discover and understand your school culture and community through interviews and preparing research surveys and/or workshop discussions specific and relevant to the needs of your staff and families.

identify - analysis

We ask in-depth and relevant questions based on our research, then analyse information and data collected and identify challenges and areas for improvement.

ideas - strategy

We then develop strategic ideas to solve challenges, to improve relationships, engagement in learning opportunities and improve communication both internally and externally.

implement - execution

Execute ideas through action, coaching, workshops or through design, print and/or web/digital media.

integrate - consulting

Ongoing consulting, mentoring and development of the ideas and integration of the brand and partnership culture into the school - A whole school approach.

Continue the 5i process to assess and track progress.

To read about how we've helped schools to improve their understanding of their learning community and their brand, click here or to discover more about how we can assist in your school improvement through the development of school culture, family engagement and partnerships for learning contact Rachel on 03 8300 6454 

Download our latest brochure to learn more about how we are assisting schools to improve their culture to include parent engagement in community and learning.